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Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret

"In Gloomsbury, creative powerhouse

J.R. Potter has created a rich and haunting

alternative to Hogwarts,

filled with captivating characters

and enthralling mysteries.

For every fan of

young adventure,

illustrated fiction, and

all things supernatural..."


- Phillip Kennedy Johnson

DC Comics writer of

Batman, Superman,

and Aquaman

"A delightful steampunk,

spy tale, ghost story,

mystery mash-up with

genuinely spooky

moments. Through

wonderfully gloomy

illustrations and a plot

that twists and turns like

fog, J.R. Potter keeps

the reader engaged and

guessing. Expect just the

right amount of the macabre,

a host of fun, eccentric

characters, and a gangly

thirteen-year-old mortician’s

assistant who discovers he’s a

swashbuckler at heart."

-Rebecca Baum, author of Lifelike Creatures


Read the interview

with ABC News /

Good Morning America

February 2021

Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret

HD Trailer! (2020)


Thirteen-year-old Thomas Creeper hasn’t been dealt the best hand. He lives in the seaside town of Gloomsbury—a damp and miserable place overrun by scabber weed, where the sun shines for only a few days each year. With the inexplicable death of his older brother, David, Thomas becomes heir to Creeper & Sons, the family’s funeral business, and his place as a mortician’s apprentice seems set. Thomas, however, dreams of a different kind of life (as a code-cracking spy) in a different kind of place (anywhere but Gloomsbury!). When a body arrives on the doorstep of Creeper & Sons Funeral Home with signs of foul play, Thomas and his smart-as-a-whip sidekick, Jeni Myers, are thrust into the middle of a terrifying mystery, one which will reveal the link between Thomas's family and the dark secret of his hometown. Joining forces with the motley crew of the Conch Whistle, a high-tech submarine that hides in offshore waters, Thomas and Jeni must rely upon their wits (and a few magical devices!) to defeat a powerful and horrifying foe.

WINNER OF THE 2019 KRAKEN                                       

PRIZE FOR MIDDLE GRADE FICTION                                 

$15.95 - $25.95  Paperback/Special Edition Hardcover


Copyright 2020-2021 James Robert Potter

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