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ABC News & Good Morning America Interview!

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Honored and humbled to be featured on ABC News & Good Morning America discussing Thomas Creeper and creators still making magic in pandemic times.

To read the full interview click on the above image, or check out these links:

ABC News

Good Morning America

Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret


It is with the greatest joy that today (November 1st, 2020) I get to announce that after 5+ years of work, my debut middle grade mystery novel Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret is finally available for pre-order from Fitzroy Books!


Though the book won't hit shelves until March 21st you can reserve your special edition hardcover of this richly illustrated tale right now. Though COVID is keeping this writer close to home at the moment, I will be setting up signings and readings at bookstores, libraries, and schools as soon as it is safe to do so. Keep your undead eyes peeled here for updates about that!


Thank you for the amazing support over the past few years as I've labored to bring this ghoulish tale to light!

Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret wins the 2019 Kraken Prize for Finely Crafted Middle Grade Fiction


A sketch of the creepy car that mortician apprentice 

Thomas Creeper sees loitering outside his home.

Pleased--nay, over the moon!--to announce that my Middle Grade gothic mystery series Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret has won the 2019 Kraken Prize for Middle Grade Fiction from Fitzroy Books, the Middle Grade and Young Adult imprint of Regal House Publishing. The novel is a passion project of mine that began almost five years ago when I thought how incredible it would be to tell the story of a boy growing up in a family funeral business and wanting to be anything but a mortician. A spy? A writer? Maybe a combination of both? I can't wait to introduce you to the creepy world of Gloomsbury and to a budding hero making lemonade out of embalmed lemons.


I'm thrilled to begin a new publishing journey with Regal House, a great, hands-on independent publisher that not only champions emerging authors, but does incredible outreach in North Carolina schools and communities to promote creativity and literacy.


You can read my interview with Regal's Editor in Chief, Jaynie Royal, by clicking the link below.  Look for more updates about the book series over the next few months. Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret hits shelves early Spring 2021.

APRIL 2019: Hackathon Competition Owl Canyon Press

Very excited to have made the cut for this year's Hackathon by Owl Canyon Press. The Hackathon is a competition  in which writers are given the first and twenty-fifth paragraph of a short story and must write 2-24 and 26-50 to make a compelling, cohesive fifty paragraph short story. I chose to use my experiences recording music in Baltimore and interacting with that vibrant arts community and develop a story around a gifted but troubled folk musician. The story called "Like Machines" which combines story with lyrics comes out in April 2019.




Very pumped, honored, and excited to have The Glimmer Society included in the pages of Void Trip issues #2 and #3!
The Glimmer Society is a co-created labor of love begun back in 2014 with the great comic artist Plaid Klaus. It's a Breakfast Club meets Dungeons & Dragons horror and comedy mash-up where six gifted teenagers must battle demons both without and within. The Image Comics "teaser" in Void Trip will find the band of unlikely heroes facing dire circumstances in the unlikeliest of places...
As for Void Trip, it's already garnering praise around the comic community and world. Scott Snyder, perhaps my favorite comic writer working today (genius behind Batman reboot with Greg Capullo) just picked up Void Trip Issue #1 and had nothing but sweet things to say about. If you like a non-traditional sci-fi tale, more Easy Rider than Star Wars, you are going to love Void Trip!




We just couldn't wait to do another record, folks. Inspired by the "cosmic Americana" ethos of the late-great Gram Parsons, and the road-tripping soul of Joni Mitchell, we stepped out into the ether and came back drenched in melodies. We are so thrilled to send our second "baby" out into the world. Here are some great outlets where you can experience Indian Summer:
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