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RAGTAG: City of Ash and Fire
Preorder and Book Trailer!



Excited to share that after 10+ years of work my cyberpunk fairy tale RAGTAG: City of Ash and Fire is now coming out!


The novel hits shelves 9-7-23 from Black Rose Writing and you can preorder your copy now. The novel is being hailed as a "tour de force of world-building" (Jude Atwood, award-winning author of Maybe There Are Witches) as well as an "adrenaline-fueled, page-turning adventure" (Marcie Roman, award-winning author of Journey to the Parallels). I'm so excited to share this cautionary tale about sisterhood, survival, and hope. Here's the HD trailer to whet your appetite!

Bookworm For Kids
Review July 2023



Very grateful to Tonja Decker and her wonderful kidlit blog for the glowing review of Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse. Tonja spotlights fresh and upcoming books from early reader picture books up through YA. Check out the blog for great recs for the young reader in your household. Here's what Tonja has to say about Thomas Creeper's second adventure. Or read the review straight from the source here.

Delightfully dark twists with clever humor in a tale, which invites to dig deeper with every page.


Thomas lives in Gloomsbury, Massachusetts, which is as cursed as its name suggests. But then, he does spend his life at his parents' funeral home helping out, homeschooling, or just living...unlike the corpses around him. Or the ghosts. As a detective for the dead, Thomas has more than his fill of those and would, sometimes, like nothing more than to be normal. Or go out on a date. Instead, he finds himself drawn into a deadly mystery as purple inked corpses wash up on shore, and only he has a chance of finding the cause.


This was an exciting dive into a world packed with imaginative details and, yet, sticking close enough to real life to make it wonderfully haunting. The author masterfully creates a town, where all sorts of horrors and gloom wait in the shadows, but even as death and danger hang in the air, humor pokes in its head with perfect snorts and snark. Imaginative details punctuate at the right times to draw in, while the characters and their quirks add needed depth. It's well-crafted and a treat for goth fans, who enjoy a heavy dose of humor to keep things lively and unexpected.


The mystery tangles right in between all of this and promises more than a few unexpected turns. Thomas makes a detective to root for as he sinks into his role, while dealing with several usual problems this age group tends to face. It's a read to get lost in and one, where it's hard to guess what will happen next.

Guitar International Magazine
Interview July 2023


Guitar International Magazine - J.R. Potter Exclusive Interview



Honored and delighted to talk about vintage guitars, songwriting, recording, and Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse's release with the great people at Guitar International Magazine. Music truly gives wings to the soul. I think some guy named Plato said that? Read the full interview here:


Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse OUT NOW on all platforms!




They say no one can hear you scream in space. Well, can you hear me scream from my writer's desk here in Virginia?

After 4+ years of work, the spine-tingling sequel is here. Thank you fans, friends, family, beta readers, and my publisher Black Rose Writing for helping this wild sophomore release find a home in the world. In the first few days of release the book shot to three Top Tens on Kindle! To find the right ordering platform for you, click on this link below:


A copy of Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse pulled fresh from the vine!

Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse preorder is live . . .
and I'm headed to France in 2024!



 The mask centerpiece in Honie Beam's magnificent cover for Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse



We're 3 months away from the release of Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse (less than 3 months actually!) Can't wait for you all to see what new terrors and delights spring up around the haunted, barnacle-crusted town that is Gloomsbury. Thank you all for your amazing support as these books start to find their way out in the world (we're in Singapore and Saudi Arabian libraries now. Sweet!)


There were some dark, very Gloomsbury-esque days about a year or so ago when it looked like the series wouldn't continue. New publisher, new platform, and we are back on track. If you are reading this little post, then you are certainly one of the steadfast, sweet souls who have given the support and the space for me to live out my elementary school dreams (I wrote and illustrated my first books then, homages to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which BLEW MY MIND AND STILL DOES).


In more current news, I'M GOING TO FRANCE! SACRE BLEU! ZUT ALORS! I was selected as a writer-in-residence at Chateau Orquevaux for two weeks in March 2024. Better get that passport updated. Can't wait to be inspired by other creatives from across the world and have 2 uninterrupted weeks to write . . .  Thomas Creeper and the Funicular Fiasco. I'll leave you with that title for now. You better believe I'm gonna put the FUN in Funicular, with a healthy dose of J.R. Potter steampunk and horror.

ABC News & Good Morning America Interview!

ABC News Front Page.jpg



Over the moon to be interviewed by ABC News/Good Morning America for my artistic projects during the pandemic. I'm grateful for good continued health, a supportive family, and the ability to learn new trades and skills to keep "feeding the Muse" as my dad likes to say. 

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