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Ragtag: City of Ash and Fire Book Cover

RAGTAG: City of Ash and Fire

(Released 9/7/23 from Black Rose Writing)

#1 New Release in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing on Amazon, September 2023

A cyberpunk fairy tale. A different Alice in a wonderless land.

Seventeen-year-old Jezebel Winters has fallen from grace.

Once a member of SkyApt, the elite housing complex that protects the one percent in the New Satellite Republic of America, formerly Boston, a political coup leads to the murder of Jezebel's parents and her brother's disappearance. Overnight Jezebel's status switches from citizen to illegal pariah. The hunt is on.

Terrified and alone, Jezebel flees into the dangerous urban jungle of the N.S.R.A. where half-human, half-android creatures roam and vicious machines called Graph Angels target all illegals. Using a combination of gymnastic daring and survivor instincts, Jezebel makes contact with the fabled Ragtag Whirly Girlies, an all-female gang of thieves whose DIY tech includes wrist lasers and jet packs that allow them to evade capture by government forces. Can Jezebel cement her place among the Ragtags, harness their revolutionary tech, and locate her parents' killer before her luck runs out?

It's Alice in Wonderland meets Blade Runner in this high-octane dystopian adventure that explores what might happen if we lose empathy for each other and respect for our environment.

Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse_Cover.jpg

Thomas Creeper and the Purple Corpse

the spine-tingling sequel to Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret (Released 6/15/23 from Black Rose Writing)

#1 New Release in Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Mystery on Amazon, June 2023

Fall arrives in the miserable seaside town of Gloomsbury, Massachusetts like a fresh corpse—cold, gray, devoid of life.


After vanquishing an undead Victorian monster with his best friend Jeni Myers over summer break, the last thing Thomas Creeper wants is another supernatural mystery to solve. There are caskets that need polishing at his family's funeral home, and all that new homeschooling work his mother keeps piling on. But Thomas has a big secret: he's a Fixer, a detective for the dead, and his powers are just beginning to sharpen.

When corpses start washing up on Gloomsbury's shores, dyed head to toe in strange purple ink, Thomas realizes he might be the only person alive who can stop the killer's reign of terror. And he won't be alone. After the most important person in his life bails on him, a new core of allies—both living and undead—arrive on the scene, showing Thomas Creeper that there is one force greater than terror: friendship.

Dive into the series Booklist hails as "marvelously macabre" and follow the clues along with Thomas as past and present, horror and humor collide on the page, brought to life from the wild and unsettling mind of J.R. Potter.

"Thomas makes a detective to root for as he sinks into his role, while dealing with several usual problems this age group tends to face. It's a read to get lost in and one, where it's hard to guess what will happen next." —Bookworm for Kids

"Your typical teen adventure has just been intensified! Perfect for fans of The Stitchers." —Staff pick, RJ Julia Booksellers

Thomas Creeper and the Gloomsbury Secret Book Cover

Welcome to Gloomsbury

Thirteen-year-old Thomas Creeper hasn’t been dealt the best hand. He lives in the seaside town of Gloomsbury—a damp and miserable place overrun by scabber weed, where the sun shines for only a few days each year. With the inexplicable death of his older brother, David, Thomas becomes heir to Creeper & Sons, the family’s funeral business, and his place as a mortician’s apprentice seems set. Thomas, however, dreams of a different kind of life (as a code-cracking spy) in a different kind of place (anywhere but Gloomsbury!).


When a body arrives on the doorstep of Creeper & Sons Funeral Home with signs of foul play, Thomas and his smart-as-a-whip sidekick, Jeni Myers, are thrust into the middle of a terrifying mystery, one which will reveal the link between Thomas's family and the dark secret of his hometown. Joining forces with the motley crew of the Conch Whistle, a high-tech submarine that hides in offshore waters, Thomas and Jeni must rely upon their wits (and a few magical devices!) to defeat a powerful and horrifying foe.

WINNER OF THE 2019 KRAKEN                                       

PRIZE FOR MIDDLE GRADE FICTION                                 

$15.95 - $25.95  Paperback/Special Edition Hardcover



First appearance


First appearance




Like Machines by J.R. Potter. The last days of a brilliant but troubled folk musician and the people he inspired.

The Portland Review 

Flash Fiction Competition


"A Letter to the Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine by Rabbit Foot Baker, Bluesman" by J.R. Potter

Hackathon April 2019
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